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Children learn what they see everyday. Think back and you’ll probably remember at least one thing that hung on the wall of your childhood room.  Whether is was a fanciful picture, a favorite character, a religious image, those images stick with us. 

As children grow older, they learn to read and pictures with words suddenly have meaning — a reminder to be polite, a phrase of encouragement or a wish — seeing it on your wall helps anchor the message in a young mind.  We call it subliminal parenting

We are very pleased to have a large selection of message signs for every age group.  The signs you hang in a nursery may well remain there for the duration of a childhood, or even leave home to take up residence in a college dorm room. One of our favorites is a quote from Winnie the Pooh – “Promise me you’ll always remember you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”  That one is a keeper because the message really applies to everyone of every age.


Even the youngest children enjoy looking at words even if they can’t read them yet.  But with a little help from mom, dad or an older sibling, these words take on meaning and will be memorized.  “No whining” is a directive all toddlers understand even if they don’t readily comply!  Having the words hanging on the wall of their room re-enforces the message.  “You have two hands, one for helping yourself, the second of helping others” is a wonderful message preschoolers understand.

The world opens up for children entering school and they will learn many lessons about getting along with others.  Many of our subliminal parenting signs reflect cooperation and messages of encouragement.  “Be respectful to teachers” reads the Rules for Boys and Rules for Girls signs, along with  “Be kind to someone no one else is kind to. ”   Inevitably kids make mistakes  “Don’t Look Back, it’s not where you’re going” offers a positive, uplifting perspective while “Get over it!” is a reality check we should all embrace.


Messages for older kids can be more sophisticated and philosophical. From a list of family rules to “get along . . . take turns . . . have patience” to pointers on how to treat others, even simple one phrase signs can have an impact.  “Pick Your Battles” is a lesson we can all learn. 

Great inspirational sayings take on new meaning for children as they grow older.  “Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else” is a great Vince Lombardi quote.  For kids who may face learning challenges, “Different but not less” is a timeless quote from Dr. Temple Grandin, a world renowned writer and animal scientist with autism. 


Tweens are special creatures who dwell in the trying years between childhood and full-fledged teenager.  Our subliminal parenting signs for this age group includes sayings that seem designed just for them.  Middle school tweens strive to fit in, but as we all know even conformists can be singled out for being different. “Life’s too short to stay angry” is a message for all of us.  Signs for tweens emphasize messages to believe in themselves, develop character and stand strong.   “Life doesn’t have to be Perfect to be Wonderful” is one of our favorites.  


Teenagers in high school and college may ignore advise from adults, but they still need gentle guidance about life, goals and relationships. Our selection of subliminal parenting signs for young adults may be direct and to the point, but they also offer soothing sentiments for young people figuring out their way in life. “Never let the odds keep you from what you know in your heart you were truly meant to do.” 

For college students, the gift of a special sign from CMP can have a prominent place in a dorm room or apartment.  Let them carry words from home in their hearts and along on their journeys.  Most of these motivational sayings have meaning to all of us.  “LIfe isn’t about surviving the storm but learning to dance in the rain.” 

A unique sign from Country Marketplace can be a special gift that truly keeps giving for many years to come.  Share timeless lessons — of caring, giving, honesty, and love — passed down from one generation to the next. “Be the change you wish in the world” is a message every child should take with them into the world. 





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